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Our Practice

REFINE GROUP was founded with the objective of helping small and medium-sized organizations reach their full potential, by giving them access to the same finance tools, knowledge and expertise that large organizations benefit from. 

Our clientele consists of talented entrepreneurs in various industries.

While we take leadership of their finances, operations and strategy,

our clients are assured that their business  interests are well looked after, and can focus all their time and effort on growing their business.​

Our Expertise

We hold over 15 years of experience in finance, operations, strategy and business leadership.


We have what it takes to successfully provide the strategic support required to accelerate the healthy growth, productivity and competitiveness of our clients' businesses.


Our Involvement

Our mission is to help entrepreneurs reach their full potential.

We provide our clients with financial, operational and strategic leadership. We have a track record of helping our clients maximize profits, minimize their risk exposure and grow their business in a healthy and sustainable manner.

Our Method

We become our clients' strategic partners. We ask the right questions, engage with their team, become experts of their business.  


We review processes, financial statements and risk exposure. We perform strategic analysis and provide alternatives with tangible ROI. We build business plans and forecast the business. We evaluate each KPI based on actual results.  We continuously refine the process.


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